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Report on Ratificaiton Status of Lisbon Treaty

Contrary to popular belief there are still other states except Ireland who have still not fully ratified the Lisbon Treaty. One country which is often said to have ratified the treaty but actually and surprisingly has not is Germany. Other countries yet to ratify the Treaty include Poland, the Czech Republic and of course Ireland.
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Until now we where covered in The Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner and the Irish Times, as well as on TV3 news. Read more

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Nordic Discontent

The Case in the UK

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The EU and the Lisbon Treaty

The EU and the Lisbon Treaty: Making a weak democracy weaker

Read this new booklet by the association Mehr Demokratie. It provides background information on the democratic aspects of the Lisbon Treaty and on the European Union in general. Download the booklet for free here.

Lisbon II

So it seems as if the EU's elite have decided not to accept the democratic will of the Irish people and they have chosen instead to continue with their own plans. Maybe this was to be expected. A no from the French and Dutch was not enough to stop the EU Constitution, therefore why should a democratic decision from the Irish people? So the Irish will vote again so that this time they can make the “right decision”. The next referendum looks set for October 2009.

We will be waiting and we will be watching, keeping you all up-to-date with the latest news from Ireland. The ERC will be back in full force shortly defending democracy in the EU.

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Questions and Answers on the Lisbon Treaty

Send us your questions on the Lisbon Treaty, please use our Q&A form.

Question: I believe that there are a number of areas that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) can overrule the Irish Constitution. What are they? Read the answer

Question: Will any country (or countries) have a permanent commissioner? How will the rotation appointment of commissioners operate? Read the answer

Question: Why is Ireland the only country holding a referendum for this treaty? Why are all other countries not allowed this right? Read the answer

Question: If Ireland votes no what are the consequences for the average person? Read the answer

Question: If we vote yes to the treaty will we lose the right to vote within the constitution of Ireland on European Treaties? - Read the answer

Question: What are the main argument of the Yes and No campaigns in Ireland? - Read the answer

Question: Who is actually supporting the Yes Campaign, and who is supporting the no? - Read the answer

Question: What is actually required for a referendum to be fair? - Read the answer

Shameful un-democrats

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    How A Yes campaigner spun reality - Read more
  • Barroso, Merkel, Wallström, Pottering and Potočnik:
    Could you dream of a better advertisement? - Read more
  • Leaked Memo Contains Controversial Statements
    about Irish Government’s Referendum Campaign -  Read BBC article
     A scanned version of the original front page can be found at
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    European Parliament has voted not to respect the result of the Irish referendum - Read more
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    Merkel praises
    Sarkozy for not asking the people! - Read more

Court Cases

There are several court cases being carried out throughout Europe against the undemocratic ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty.  For more information click on the links below.

Germany     Austria     United Kingdom

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