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Press conference

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PRESS RELEASE - Dublin, 30 May 2008

Congratulations Ireland!

You are having the referendum 486 million European have been denied

The European Referendum Campaign initiated events which will take place in front of Irish embassies over the course of the weekend and on Monday in 14 EU capital cities. Local groups will congratulate the Irish for holding a referendum which has been denied to 487 million Europeans.

Many of the events are being attended by prominent figures e.g. Dutch MP Harry van Bommel in the Hague, Swedish MP Max Andersson and Nils Lundgren MEP in Stockholm, former MEP Jens Peter Bonde and former MEP Ole Krarup in Copenhagen, former MP Gerald Haefner in Berlin, Secretary General of attac France Marc Delepouve in Paris, former Ambassador Prof. Peter Kopecky in Bratislava and Bulgarian anti-corruption activist Nikolaj Bliznakov in Sofia.

All organisations are independent from each other and joined this initiative to show their concern about the undemocratic ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty.

Their messages to the Irish vary from “Congratulation Ireland! You are having the referendum 486 million Europeans have been denied” or “Irish friends vote no for me” to “on 12th June we are all Irish”. The type of event differs as well.

Some of the groups will meet the Irish Ambassador to their country, if he or she is willing to meet them. They will carry green balloons and have green painted faces; others are going to gag their mouths to show that they have no say on the Treaty. Photos of the events can be found on the website of the European Referendum Campaign:

“These events shall relieve the pressure from the Irish people who are being told that other EU member states would urge them to say yes to the treaty.” says Thomas Rupp, co-ordinator of the European Referendum Campaign. “In fact 75% of Europeans want to have a say on Lisbon and there are many concerns about its content, shared by many Europeans. The ratification of such a far reaching document without asking the people will decrease the democratic legitimacy of the EU even further. You cannot build Europe without the consent citizens.”

All the participating organisations were fighting to get a referendum in their country and are deeply concerned about the process in which the EU Constitution - which was rejected by the French and Dutch people - was relabelled Lisbon Treaty and how European elites bluntly confessed that referendums must be avoided.

Thomas Rupp: “If this treaty is ratified as planned by European elites and if we - the citizens - let them get away with it, we cannot complain, if, in a few years time something is sold to us under the label of democracy but has nothing to do with the rule of the people. This would be bad for the people and bad for Europe. Europe and its peoples deserve better than that.”

Participating organisations:

Austria, Vienna - Plattform Volxabstimmung (Umbrella of 40 NGOs), attac Austria, Friedenswerkstatt Linz +++ Bulgaria, Sofia - National Anti-corruption Network +++ Denmark, Copenhagen - attac Denmark, Borgerinitiativet Ja til Europa - Nej til EU-Forfatning, Folkebevaegelsen mod EU, Juni Bevaegelsen, Nodvendigt Forum, EU critical Network of Social Liberals, Challenge Europe, Ungdom mod EU +++ France, Paris - attac France +++ Germany, Berlin - Mehr Demokratie e.V. +++ Greece, Athens, Forum for Citizens Democracy +++ Hungary, Budapest - Hungarian Humanist Movement +++ Latvia, Riga – Eiroskeptiki -+++ Malta, Valletta - EUD Malta +++ Netherlands, the Hague - Socialist Party +++ Slovakia, Bratislava - Agora +++ Slovenia, Ljubljana - EUDS +++ Sweden, Stockholm - (Referendum now) +++ United Kingdom, London -


For any requests please contact:

Thomas Rupp - 00353 (0) 85 272 3366 -  thomas(at)

Hungary, Budapest

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Denmark, Copenhagen

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Austria, Vienna

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France, Paris

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Malta, Valletta

The Netherlands, The Hague

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Latvia, Riga

Bulgaria, Sofia

The vigil was supported by: Civic Particitation and Direct Democracy Society, Sofia - Green Balkans, Plovdiv - National Anticorruption Coalition, Bulgaria

Slovenia, Ljubljana

Slovakia, Bratislava

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