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Below is a list of the current campaigns fighting for a referendum on the EU reform treaty with a short introduction on each campaign. New campaigns are constantly starting and we are sure that this list shall grow. Please check this page regularly to keep up-to-date with all the campaigns that are taking place across the continent.


The Platform for a Referendum on the EU Reform Treaty is a campaign which brings together many NGOs from Austria which are fighting for an Austrian referendum. Sign their petition at


Oproep 13 December / Appel 13 decembre is the Belgian campaign fighting for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Belgian organisations and individuals have rallied behind the slogan "We want to have our say on Europe". The campaign is based around three main points, firstly the new Treaty is the same as the old Constitution, the Belgian people want to voice their opinion on the new Treaty, and finally that a referendum would bring about real debate. The campaign wishes to pass a bill that aims to make sure that Belgian people are consulted more often. Oproep 13 December/Appel 13 decembre is also running a petition. Sing the petition at either (Dutch version) or (French version).


The People's Movement is a cross-political organisation in Denmark. They have collected over 24 000 signatures for their petition for a referendum in Denmark. Sign their petition at:

The June Movement (JuniBevægelsen) have held a campaign where posters were placed in major train stations across Denmark. This poster asks Danes to mail their MPs askinfg for a referendum. 60 seats are needed in the Danish Parliament to call for a referendum. Visit their campaign website at


The 29 Mai groups was created after the "call of 200" (October 2004) which was the French left-wing "no" campaign against the European Constitution. They are currently campaigning for a referendum on the Lisbon treaty and are planning nation-wide events and demonstrations during January 2008 until 4th February 2008 where they will gather together in Versailles. On this date in Versailles, French deputes will sign in agreement of the changes to the French Constitution needed in order to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. Visit their website at


The CNR, "Comité National pour un Referendum" (National Committee for a referendum), is a national appeal to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The CNR is made up of organisations, political parties and individuals who are believe that the people have to debate and decide their own future. The CNR stresses that only a great mobilisation of people could change the current parliamentary ratification. If 3/5 of French MPs voted against the Lisbon Treaty, the process could be blocked and a referendum would be the only way to ratify the treaty. Therefore the CNR has set up a petition, urging all citizens in favour of a referendum in the name of the democracy, to sign. To sign the petition visit


ATTAC France launched its campaign in mid-October. They are continually publishing papers on the topic of the new treaty and holding debates on the subject as well. A letter has also been sent to French Parliamentarians who voted against the original Constitution, asking them to do the sam against the reform treaty. Visit their campaign website at

Debout la République which literally means "Republic Stand Up" has begun its petition calling for French President Nicolas Sarkozy to hold a referendum on the new reform treaty. Sign the petition;


"More Democracy" is a grassroots organisation campaigning for greater direct participation of the people at all political levels within Germany. With the EU having a greater influence in domestic politics Mehr Demokratie are continually finding themselves campaigning for more direct democracy at the European level. They are now campaigning for Germany to hold a referendum on the reform treaty. Sign their petition at


Free Movement which operates mainly out of Northern Italy have prepared a motion to present to mayor of Varese where they will ask that he commit himself to demaing a referendum on the reform treaty ro the Italian government. This is an official act promoted by the Free Movement's representatives in the town council of Varese.


Wij willen een referendum ...! The We Want a Referendum petition is the initative of the Ander Europa Coalition. Ander Europa (Another Europe) is a coalition made up of NGOs and organisations in the Netherlands including Comité Grondwet Nee (the No to the Constitution Committee), attac Nederland (attac Netherlands), Euromarsen (EuroMarches), Eurodusnie (Euro NO Way!), Campagne tegen Wapenhandel (the Campaign Against Weapons Trade), Stichting Zora (Sisters Foundation), the Transnational Institute and the XminY Solidariteitsfonds (XminusY Solidarity Fund). Sign the petition at:

The National Petition for a referendum on the EU Treaty is sponsored by the Socialistische Partij (the Dutch Socialist Party), GroenLinks (Green Party), Partij voor de Dieren (Party for Animals), Democraten 66 (Democrats 66) and the Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom). Sign their petition at:


Folkomrö is a group of organisations and campaign from across the political spectrum whose objective is to have a referendum in Sweden on the EU refrom treaty. Visit

United Kingdom

The "I Want A Referendum" campaign brings together figures from across the political spectrum, who believe that Britain should hold a referendum on the reform treaty. They have been campaigning in the UK, and at the IGC in Lisbon on the 19 October. For more information and to sign their petition visit


The Democracy Movement is a non-party campaign whose objective is to defend liberal democracy in Britain and across Europe. The Democracy Movement has set up a campaign mini-site concerning referendum and the new European treaty. Visit their website at:

The Daliy Telegraph and the Sun newspapers are both running petitions in the UK for a referendum on the reform treaty.

Europe aims to collect signatures from across the EU for its petition. It is supported by many MEPs and national politicians from across the EU. Sign the petition at:

The European Left Party has begun its European information campaign on the new EU treaty. Member parties will be hosting debates on the topic of the treaty, and information and analyses can be found on the party website

The European Referendum Initiative is a campaign fighting for citizens to have the right to vote in referenda on significant changes to laws affecting them, whether these laws are made at the national or European level. They believe that all citizens should immediately be given the opportunity to vote in referenda on the Lisbon Treaty. Visit them at:

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