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  • The Lisbon Treaty passed in the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg on 29th May 2008

  • Royal assent was granted on
    21st July 2008

Political Situation

In the Parliament of Luxembourg 47 of the 51 deputies present in the 60-seat house voted in favour, while three abstained and only one voted against the treaty.

Ratification Process(es)

Ratification without the need for a constitutional amendment
A simple majority is needed for the transfer of sovereignty (Art. 37 I, 46 Constitution of Luxembourg).

Ratification with the need for a constitutional amendment
A majority of 2/3 of the members of parliament by at least 3/4 of its members is needed for the transfer of powers with a constitutional amendment (Art. 37 II, 49a, 114 V Constitution of Luxembourg). In contradiction to Art. 51 of the TEU only temporary transference is allowed within the Constitution of Luxembourg (Art. 49a Constitution of Luxembourg).

To approve the constitutional amendment a 2/3 majority of parliament by 3/4 of its members is needed, after the parliament has declared a need for the constitutional amendment and has been disbanded and re-elected (Art. 114 Constitution of Luxembourg).

Other Constitutional Regulations on Referendums
Consultative referendums can be called for (Art. 51 Constitution of Luxembourg).

Ratification of the old Constitution

Ratification was subject to a non-binding referendum on 10 July 2005, where Luxembourg people voted in favour of the Constitution. (Yes 56.52% - No 43.48%).

Support for a European Constitution

66% of the Luxembourgian population are in favour of a constitution for the European Union. (Eurobarometer 67 June 2007)

Referendums Held on European Issues


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