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Czech Republic

Political Situation

2 February 2009 Read our latest report on the situation in the Czech Republic and all the other countries which have not yet ratified the Lisbon Treaty by clicking here.

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20 June 2008 - The Lisbon Treaty has gone to the Czech Republic's constitutional court, and the government is waiting upon its decision to see whether the treaty affects the Czech Constitution. In a statement at the summit yesterday the Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said that if the Czechs were to vote on ratification now he wouldn't bet 100 crowns on a 'yes'. Read more.

31 October 2007 - No referendum in the Czech Republic
The Prague Daily Monitor reports today that the Chamber of Deputies made a decision against a call for referendum by the Communists. The Social Democrats could push through their request to ratify the Treaty as soon as possible after its signing in Lisbon in December 2007 and without consulting the Czech people. - Read more

Ratification Process(es)

Ratification without the need for a constitutional amendment
A simple majority in both chambers is needed if there is no transfer of powers (Art. 49, 39 II Czech Constitution). However if it has been deemed that there is a transfer of powers then a 3/5 majority is needed in both the Parliament and the Senate (Art. 10a I, 39 IV Czech Constitution).

Ratification with the need for a constitutional amendment
A previous constitutional amendment is needed if the constitutional court decides that an international treaty does not comply with the constitution (Art. 89 III, 87 II Czech Constitution). To amend the constitution a 3/5 majority is needed in both the Parliament and the Senate (Art. 9 I, 39 IV Czech Constitution).

Other Constitutional Regulations on Referendums
Binding referendums are expressly provided for if there is a transfer of sovereignty however this requires enactment by constitutional law, for which a 3/5 majority in both the Parliament and the Senate is required. (Art. 2 II Czech Constitutiuon).

Consultative referendum can be held if ordered by ad-hoc-law.

Ratification of the old Constitution

Referendum was postponed after the French and Dutch “no” votes.

Support for a European Constitution

55% of the Czech population are in favour of a constitution for the European Union. (Eurobarometer 67 June 2007)

Referendums Held on European Issues

  • 2003: EU - Accession (Yes 77 % - No 23 % - Turnout 55 %)

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