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Fundamentals maintained!

The European Referendum Campaign has the single objective - to get referendums on the so called EU Reform Treaty. The "EU Reform Treaty" is nothing more than the rejected EU Constitution in disguise:

"The fundamentals of the Constitution have been maintained in large part... We have renounced everything that makes people think of a state, like the flag and the national anthem." - Angela Merkel on the EU Reform Treaty - El Pais, 24 June 2007

"There is a single legal personality for the EU, the primacy of European law, a new architecture for foreign and security policy, there is an enormous extension in the fields of the EU's powers, there is Charter of Fundamental Rights." - Jean-Claude Juncker on the EU Reform Treaty - Telegraph, 3 July 2007


A new Reform Treaty appears

At the Intergovernmental Conference in Brussels on the 22nd June 2007 the Heads of States and Governments under the German presidency agreed to adopt 95% of the rejected EU Constitution under a new name: Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The final version of this "new" treaty shall be agreed on during a special summit on 18./19. October 2007 in Portugal and at the EU summit on 13./14. December 2007 in Brussels it shall be adopted and signed. Then the ratification process will begin in the EU member states. The whole process was designed to push through the document while completely avoiding the people. - Read more about the treaty!

Ordinary citizens were never involved

Now we have reached the climax of the six years long undemocratic process of creating the EU Constitution which left out the European citizens: The Convention on the Future of Europe, the lack of honest debate on its outcome, the rejection of the text by the French and Dutch people, the "period of reflection" with a ridiculous "Plan D" campaign... It is utterly disgraceful how leading politicians want to bring into effect the same declined Constitution - under a different name - and totally bypassing the people. - See the timeline from 2001 to 2007!

Time to get active (again)!

This situation provides a good reason to re-start the European Referendum Campaign. - Read more about the earlier ERC!

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