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ERC Booklet

Our Czech translation of our booklet "The EU an the Lisbon Treaty: Making a Weak Democracy Weaker"  by the organisation Mehr Demokratie provides background information on the democratic aspects of the Lisbon Treaty and on the European Union in general. Download a copy for free by clicking on the picture above.

Judgement of the CZ Supreme Court from 26 Nov 2008
Find here the Czech Constitutional Court Abstract of the Finding of the conformity of 7 Lisbon treaty articles with Czech Constitutional Order (in English)

Klaus's Speech 26th November 2008
Find here the declaration made by Czech President Vaclav Klaus from 26th November 2008 on the judgement on Lisbon by the Constitutional Court.

Klaus's Speech 25th November 2008
Find here the speech made by President Vaclav Klaus made to the Czech Constitutional Court on 25th November 2008

Original Senate Proposal
Click here for the proposal sent by the Czech Senate to the Constitutional Court on the Lisbon Treaty. (Only available in Czech)

Read our Summary in English by clicking here.

Report on Ratificaiton Status of Lisbon Treaty

Contrary to popular belief there are still other states except Ireland who have still not fully ratified the Lisbon Treaty. One country which is often said to have ratified the treaty but actually and surprisingly has not is Germany. Other countries yet to ratify the Treaty include Poland, the Czech Republic and of course Ireland.
Click here to read the report.


The ERC held a seminar together with the Senate of the Czech Republic on the democratic issues surrounding the EU and Lisbon Treaty.

Read our press release here. For more information on the seminar itself, click here.

Click here to view ERC in the press.

Opinions on the Lisbon Treaty

The ERC has asked national and European parliamentarians as well as professors and civil society leaders for their opinions on the Lisbon Treaty. Find out more...

Situation So Far

18 Feb 2009 Chamber of Deputies passes the Lisbon Treaty with 251 in favour, 61 against and 11 abstentions.
14 Jan 2009 The Deputies Constitution Committee: Another prolonging of voting of Lisbon
26 Nov 2008 The Czech Constitution Court has ruled that the Lisbon Treaty is compatible with the Czech Constitution. The treaty now has to be passed in the Czech Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.
20 June 2008 European Council took into account that the ratification process would be suspended until the Constitutional Court delivers positive verdict on the Lisbon Treaty.
5 June 2008 President Klaus published official statement to the case, thus following his previous demand of the Constitutional Court.
24 April 2008 Senate passes Lisbon Treaty to the Czech Constitutional Court.

Klaus's Questions to the Constitutional Court

Question One: Will the Czech Republic remain a sovereign country and a full-fledged entity of the international community, capable of adhering to the obligations arising for it from international law, even after the Lisbon Treaty enters into force?

Question Two: Does the provision of the Lisbon Treaty concerning the internal effect of EU legislation comply with Article 10 of the Constitution of the Czech Republic?

Question Three: Does the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights have the legal status of an international treaty according to Article 10a and/or Article 10 of the Constitution; if so, do all of its provisions comply with the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Czech Republic and/or other parts of the constitutional system?

Question Four: Will the European Union remain an international organization or institution to which Article 10a of the Constitution allows the transfer of powers of the bodies of the Czech Republic after the Lisbon Treaty enters into force?

Question Five: If the Lisbon Treaty amends, albeit indirectly, the Accession Treaty, does Constitutional Act No 515/2002 Coll. on the Referendum on the Czech Republic's Accession to the European Union not implicitly apply to the Lisbon Treaty as well (if so, it would be necessary to amend, in particular, the referendum question)? Then, should the approval of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty not be subject to a referendum as well?


This summary has been taken from the website of the President of the Czech Republic. For a more detailed version of the questions please click here.

Opinion of Czech MPs on the Lisbon Treaty

Find out the thoughts of Czech elected representatives on the Lisbon Treaty by clicking here.

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