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Daily Rant 3

An outsider's view

Why does a German guy who lives in Brussels comment on the Irish referendum from Dublin?

Answer to the No-siders:
Sorry, but your vote also affects my life, wherever I live in the EU. We tried hard to get referendums in other EU member states, but eventually you're the only ones who will have a say on this treaty.

Answer to the yes-siders:
If you are in favour of Lisbon you are voting for more interference from bigger countries, for more harmonisation across the EU and less influence of small states. So you better get used to listening and learning from the big guys.


Thomas Rupp

European Referendum Campaign


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Please do not believe in purgatory scenarios

Dublin, 6 June 2008


With the new poll released today by the Irish Times/TNSW mrbi suggesting that the no side leads with 35% against 30% for the yes the establishment's panic will reach new heights. Now the time has come where the Irish people are being told that they'll go to hell if they no. It is time for purgatory scenarios, where the Irish will be punished and excluded from mankind if they vote no. It began this morning in several international newspapers where all sorts of experts gave their opinion about what is going to happen in the case of a no vote.

The basic claim is without doubt the fact, that 26 member states will sooner or later have ratified the treaty. So Ireland would be the killjoy, the one ungraceful child of the European Union that spoils the party. This indeed sounds plausible on first sight, however what all these servants of the EU elites forget is, that if democracy existed today we would not even be debating about the Lisbon Treaty because it WAS already rejected by the French and Dutch voters. Or at least: If democracy existed we would have more then one out of 27 countries holding a referendum.

These analysts forget that ratification by parliament nowadays does not mean that the decisions are necessarily backed by the people. Surprisingly there is a huge gap between approval in the national parliaments and approval among the people. Approval of the treaty with the former lies at approximately 90% the latter around 50% level. So why is this so? Who do these parliaments represent? So eventually the question has to be posed; who is the final authority in a democracy? In my point of view it is still the people.

So if Ireland votes no they vote for all the citizens of other EU member states who were denied a say on this treaty and they reinforce the Dutch and French verdict. And believe me: If there were referendums it would have been more than one no. So please do not get scared by the purgatory scenarios which will be brought to you. I fully agree with a journalist of a big German newspaper I met accidentally yesterday night. He said: The Irish people will be seen as heros and be loved by 70% of the Europeans if they say no.


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