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Why the ERC

Panem et Circenses

These arguments on the left show that the whole process was a big show to pretend a democratic procedure but in reality nobody really cared about democracy and the people's consent at all. If leading European politicians really care about Europe they should opt full heartedly for referendums in all EU member states.


There are five major reasons for referendums on the EU Constitution which has been renamed "EU Reform Treaty":


1.) Basic Requirements Not Done

One of the main ideas of the EU Constitution was: to simplify the Treaties, to democratise the EU institutions and to bring the EU closer to the citizens. This has not been achieved by the EU Constitution nor the EU Reform Treaty. As these basic requirements were not achieved by either document the people should have a closer look at it and make their own decision.


2.) Democratic Legitimacy

This opportunity to increase the democratic legitimacy of the EU would be lost if this new treaty were adopted without the consent of the people. You cannot build Europe without the people.The best way to involve the people is by holding a referendum in each member state on this extremely significant document. If referendums are not to take place so then the democratic legitimacy of the EU will decrease even further.


3.) No Consent from the People

To adopt this treaty without referendums would be a step backwards towards less rather than greater acceptance of the European project. Agreement on the way in which the EU is developing is continuously decreasing, as is participation in European elections. How could the EU wish to enforce such major changes as those proposed in the Treaty without the consent of the people?


4.) Debate on the Future of Europe

In a democracy citizens must understand how the system works. If you say: "This is too complicated for the people!" then either you make it less complex or you take the time to explain it to them. We urgently need a broad and open debate on the future of Europe involving the people. There cannot be a new treaty without the people debating whether or not it creates a Europe they want to live in. The only way to achieve this debate is by fair referendums in all member states.


5.) Undemocratic Procedure

The whole process of creating the EU Constitution was undemocratic and was done completely aside from the people: The self-designated Convention to create an EU Constitution, the lack of honest debate on its outcome, the ignored rejection of the text by the French and Dutch people, the "period of reflection" with a ridiculous "Plan D" campaign... It is utterly disgraceful how leading politicians want to bring into effect the same declined Constitution - under a different name - and totally bypassing the people.

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