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Who we are

ERC 2002-2004

The European Referendum Campaign was created in 2002 and ran until 2004. Click on the postcard (above) from 2003 to see our approach. One of the biggest successes was that through the ERC activists, the Dutch people were enabled to have their say on the EU Constitution.

The current ERC is tied to its predecessor. Read more about the history of the ERC!

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  • Independent cross-party network
    The European Referendum Campaign (ERC) is an independent, Europe-wide, cross party network of NGOs and individuals which brings together campaigners to fight for democratic development within the European Union.

  • International coordination
    The ERC is an umbrella organisation hosted by Democracy International to support the local campaigns in the EU member states. The ERC will support these activities through its website, strategic advice, research, the organisation of events and by generating an international dimension to the whole campaign.

  • Single purpose activity
    The ERC has one simple objective: to get referendums on the EU Reform Treaty in as many EU member states as possible. It is to run until the 2009 European Elections and will finish shortly afterwards. (Read the ERC appeal)

  • Different views - one focus
    The supporters of the ERC represent different political convictions and many views on the future of Europe. Our supporters vary from those in favour of adopting the EU Reform Treaty and those who are against it. However they are all united in the belief that you cannot build Europe without the consent of the people - and therefore we need referendums on the new treaty.

  • Get active in your country!
    The ERC will only be successful if it is conducted by a broad coalition of persons and organisations who systematically seek to make contact with political actors, the public and the media. It can only cooperate with existing campaigns or at the most help to stimulate campaigns in the EU member states.  So it is up to you to help to us to achieve our shared political goals by starting or joining your local campaign in your country.

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