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ERC History

International ERC Events

The inflatable display was used in many ERC events and step-by-step helped to increase publicity of the campaign.

European Referendum Campaign: 2002 - 2004


  • The ERC facilitated the referendum in the Netherlands
    It was the ERC team in the Netherlands who lobbyed for a referendum and made sure that it became possible, and that the Dutch people had their say on the EU Constitution. The law was even drafted by a member of the ERC team, Niesco Dubbelboer, who was a Dutch MP at the time.
  • Huge Europe-wide network of supporters
    From 2002 until 2004 we promoted our appeal demanding referendums on the European Constitution in all countries concerned. We were supported by 293 organisations. In addition 97 members of the Convention on the Future of Europe signed an official appeal demanding referendums. We organised many international events and gathered support for our call for more democracy.
  • The ERC team organised many international events
    The ERC was run from an office in Frankfurt and from 2004 an additional office in Brussels. Below is a small overview of the ERC's events from 2002 to 2004.

Sept 2004 - Around the Baltic Sea
Our bus visited Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia (report).

Jun 2004 - Parties Confession Survey
Ahead of the European Elections we interviewed all parties. Only about 30% supported the demand for referendums (more).

Mar 2004 - On the road in the UK
We brought our issue on to the political agenda in selected constituencies (report).

Feb 2004 - Citizens' Summit in Berlin
Blair, Chirac and Schroeder met in Berlin. We organized an event with groups from the United Kingdom, France and Germany (report).

Dec 2003 - In front of the summit in Brussels
Our display stood just outside the building where the European Governments negotiated about the constitution (report).

Dec 2003 - Europe-wide Day of Action
From Finland to Cyprus, from Lisbon to Bucharest: ERC activists organized events in 40 cities in 20 countries (country reports).

Nov 2003 - European Social Forum in Paris
We promoted our idea organising two workshops and a seminar (report).

Jun 2003 - Display in Brussels
During the last session of the convention we presented a joint resolution showing that NGOs and politicians from all over Europe and all political camps demand referendums (report).

Nov 2002 - Launch of the Campaign
80 activists from 22 countries gathered in Bratislava (Slovakia) to launch the campaign (report).

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