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Drude Dahlerup

Prof. Drude Dahlerup
Professor of Political Science
Stockholm University

Drude Dahlerup graduated from Aarhus University in Denmark, and has since 1998 been professor of political science at Stockholm University in Sweden. She has published extensively on women in politics, social movements and feminist theory, e.g. The Redstockings. The Development, Newthinking and Impact of the Danish Redstocking Movement 1970-1985, vol I-II. Gyldendal 1998 (in Danish). Editor of The New Women’s Movement. Feminism and Political Power in Europe and the USA. Sage 1986. Her latest book Women, Quotas and Politics, ed., Routledge 2006 is the first global study of the new trend to use gender quotas in politics. See the website (with International Idea) and Drude Dahlerup was one of the leaders of the No-campaign in Denmark during the referenda on the EUs treaties in 1992, 1993 and 1998 and on the EURO in 2000. She was vice-chair of the Danish Government’s Council for European Politics 1993-2000.





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