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Fiona Dove

Fiona Dove
Executive Director
Transnational Institute

Fiona Dove has been Executive Director of the Transnational Institute since 1995. Established in 1974, TNI is an international activist research institute co-ordinated from Amsterdam. It is aimed at supporting transnational movements concerned with democratisation, economic justice and peace. TNI pays special attention to the democratic deficit within the EU and the impact of EU policies on the South of the world. Born in Zambia and raised in South Africa, Fiona dedicated her life to the anti-apartheid movement. She worked as a full-time trade union official for the South African Commercial, Catering & Allied Workers’ Union from 1985 to 1992, proving herself an able negotiator and political educator. She was subsequently appointed founding editor of the national magazine of the then 1.5 million-strong Congress of South African Trade Unions. Her brief was to prepare union leaders for South Africa’s democratic transition. She holds degrees in Industrial Sociology and Development Studies.

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