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Nils Lundgren

Nils Lundgren


Nils Lundgren is an MEP for Junilistan (Sweden), and is a member of the Independence/Democracy group.

Between 1962 and1963 Lundgren was a University Lecturer in economics in Stockholm.  He then became an Economics expert at EFTA secretariat in Geneva in 1964. He then went on to carry out research at Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm between 1966 and 1971, and from 1971 was a Researcher for the Swedish Ministry of Industry until 1974. Lundgren was also a Guest researcher at Reading University in 1975.  Nils Lundgren has held the positions of Head of research unit, for the National Institute of Economic Research (1977-1979); Chief economist for PK-banken subsequently Nordbanken subsequently MeritaNordbanken (1980-1999) and Economic adviser for Nordea (1999-2001).

Lundgren has previously been the Chairman and Member of the Board of a number of Swedish and international companies and organisations and editor-in-chief of 'Ekonomisk debatt'.

Nils Lundgren holds a Doctorate in economics which he gained in 1975.

Nils Lundgren has written a number of books, publications and articles including; Integration i Västeuropa (Integration in Western Europe) (1974), Industripolitikens spelregler (Industrial policy - the rules of the game) (1981) and Europa ja - euro nej (Yes to Europe - no to the euro) (2003).

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