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Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan
Debout la République

Former student of the National School of Administration (promotion Liberté, égalité, fraternité), Dupont-Aignan began his political career working for Jacques Chaban-Delmas in the first round of the presidential election of 1974.   After holding the position of Head of Cabinet, he then became Technical Advisor for François Bayrou, the then Minister for National Education in 1993, and later for Michel Barnier, Minister for Environment.

In 1995, Dupont-Aignan became the Mayor of Yerres (Essonne) and in 1997 he became a Member of the French Parliament. Between 1997 and 1999 Dupont-Aignan held the position of Rassemblement Pour la République (RPR) National Secretary in charge of party federations.

He was one of the eighteen deputies from the RPR to vote against the ratification of the Treaty of Amsterdam.  On the 16th of March 1999, he founded the association Debout la République, a zealously Gaullist branch of the RPR.

After the 2002 Presidential elections, he participated in the creation of l’Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) and transformed Debout la République into a Gaullist and Republican fraction of the UMP. He managed to gain 15% (in November 2002) and 9% (in November 2004) if the votes in the UMP internal elections before resigning.

In 2005, he took part in the struggle against the Constitutional Treaty, embodying the Republican “no” to a supranational Europe.

On 13th January 2007, he left the UMP due to his deep disagreements with the UMP’s views on Europe, and also to fight his own presidential campaign as an independent in France.



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