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von Arnim

Prof. Hans Herbert von Arnim
Professor of Public Law and Author
German Institute of Administrative Sciences, Speyer

Between 1968 -1978 Hans Herbert von Arnim was the Director of the Karl-Bräuer-Institut. This institut is affiliated with the German Taxpayers Association and has approximately 500.000 members in Wiesbaden. In 1976 he made habilitation in Constitutional and Administrative Law, Financial and Tax Law, University of Regensburg.

Hans Herbert von Arnim became a Professor at the University of Marburg in 1978 and in 1981 Chair for Public Law, esp. Municipal and Budget Law, and Constitutional Theory at the Postgraduate School of Administrative Scienes Speyer. In 1988 he was called to chair the Constitutional Law and Politics to the University of Göttingen (former chair of Professor Leibholz, the "founder" of the Federal Constitutional Court). Between 1993-1996 he was a Member of the Brandenburg State Constitutional Court, and from 1993 to 1995 President of the Postgraduate School of Administrative Sciences Speyer.

Arnim was a visiting Professor at the Medical University of Lübeck from 2000 to 2001. On April 1 2004 he received Emeritus status and later on Member of the Research Institute for Public Administration and Head of Section I - Modernizing Government and Administration.
Hans Herbert von Arnim holds, Studies of Law and Economics, Master Degrees in Law and Economics and Doctorate in Law at the University of Heidelberg.
Member of several Commissions of Experts, for example the "Enquête-Commission of Election Law and Municipal Constitution" of the Parliament of the State of Palatinate (1988-1990); and the Commission of Independent Experts on Party Financing (1992/93), appointed by the Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker; and the Commission on the Salaries and the Pension Schemes of the Members of Government of the German Länder, appointed by the Prime Ministers of Bavaria and of Nordrhine-Westfalia (1999-2000).

His research activities include; Constitutional and Democracy Theories, Financial Law, Party and Political Financing and Municipal Law and Municipal Politics.

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