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Tobias Pflüger

Tobias Pflüger

Pflüger sits on the Committee for Foreign Affairs.
During the 1980s Tobias Pflüger became active in the peace and anti-nuclear movements. He is still active within these movements to day. Tobias Pfüger was also the founder of the Informations Office Militarization (IMI) e.V.
Since 2002 Tobias Pflüger has been an active Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Attac. He spoke at the European Social Forum in Florence in 2002 and in Paris in 2003. He also spoke at the World Social Forum in Mumbai in 2004 and in Porto Alegre in 2005. Tobias Pflüger is active member of DFG-VK (German Peace Society - united opponents of military service) and since 2006 in the Council of War Resisters' International (WRI). He is also a Member of the Board and Editor for the online-journal "IMI-List".
In 2004 he was elected as independent candidate on the list of the German Left Party to the European Parliement. He focuses on foreign and military policy of the European Union, peace policy, antifascism, asylum policy and anti-nuclear policy. Together with Caroline Lucas, MEP, he is a Co-President of the inter-parliamentary group "Peace-initiatives".
Tobias Pflüger studied Political and Cultural Science. He gained his PhD from the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation.

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