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Etienne Chouard

Etienne Chouard
Political Activist

Etienne Chouard, is a College Professor in Marseille, France. He belongs to no political party, trade union or association.
Chouard first became interested in politics in September 2004 when he read the "Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe" and I found in it what he considered to be a fatal disease of Democracy. By the end of March 2005, he had published a twelve page document on his personal website, enunciating and developing five major arguments against the proposed Treaty. The document was entitled: "A Bad Constitution which Reveals a Cancer of the Democracy". After publication the document spread rapidly on the web.
Since then Etienne Chouard has been hosting his website which stands against the abuses of power which are made possible by the fact that we let the Members of Parliament, the Ministers and the Judges write the Constitution themselves.
Etienne Chouard holds a Master's Degree in Law.

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