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Nicolaj Bliznakov

Prof. Nikolaj Bliznakov
Plovdiv University

Nikolaj Bliznakov began his political activism when he was 18, with the anti-communist appeal, spreading wide throughout the Sofia University (resulting in the forbiddance to take any official job till 1989). Being one of the youngest Science fiction authors, he founded and leaded for 15 years the SF and Futurology club "21st century". He has also worked as a freelance journalist in his native city of Plovdiv.In 1990 he was elected in the first free elections to the Bulgarian Parliament as a member of the oppositional Union of Democratic Forces. As an MP he founded and lead the "Equal Start" Movement (for Fair privatization), which was suppressed by the Power. After 1992 he was not involved in any political battles and acted mainly as a civil activist and researcher.
From 1999 he has taught "Futurology and Sociology" at the Plovdiv Universitet as a Vis. He is a Professor, and Chair of the Board of the Regional Union of NGOs and President of the Coalition for Direct Democracy. He is the author of the "Lottery Democracy System" and has implemented it in the largest Bulgarian municipality (Plovdiv, 400 000 inhabitants), twice, when the experimental "Mini-Referendums" took place. (In this system, 1200 randomly selected citizens vote for a second chamber of the City council.)
Nikolaj Blzinakov has recently initiated:
- a network NGOs against corruption and anti-democratic practices and a lot of anti-corruption and pro-transparency campaigns;
- a Declaration for Boycott of the (manipulated) Presidential election and a National-wide Campaign for Boycott (only 38,2 % voted in October 2006);
- an Open letter (Feb.2007) to Bulgarian politicians with the demand to do public repentance till Easter 2007;
- a Petition (signed by NGOs) to the Parliament, considering the dominating civil quota in the process of the publishing of the secret files of the former Secret Police.
Bliznakov is also an environmental and pro-feminist activist and writer; he has taken part in international conferences in the field of sustainable development, gender issues, environment etc. in Budapest, Thessalonica, Brussels, and Ohrid. His publications include: "The Direct Lottery Democracy - The Plovdiv Experiment", "Plovdiv - a City of 3,000 Years" and "The Agony of Male Civilizations of Power".
Nikolaj Bliznakov has Master's degree in Law from Sofia University and an additional qualification in Political Sciences and Anthropology.

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